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Ghazali Children's Project - Polishing The Heart

Saalik have partnered up with Fons Vitae to become a pilot organisation for the Ghazali Childrens Project.
Who was Imam al-Ghazali?
Imam al-Ghazali was called the “Proof of Islam” because in both his life and his writings, he demonstrated how to perfect one’s character by understanding both the outer and the inner sunnah. He provides the entire family with a clear and simple map for living correctly – according to one’s fitrah, one’s innate, pure, true nature – by understanding and living by the inner, spiritually transformative meanings of Islam. 

What is the Ghazali Children’s Project?
The children’s books of the Ghazali project bring the teachings from the Ihya Ulum iddin of Imam al Ghazali to life for children, promoting a deep connection to the core principles of Islam, its philosophy and it’s purpose. There is a strong focus an reflection, spiritual understanding and self-correction. These aspects make the project unique and distinct from most other Islamic studies courses for children, both in content and quality.

Over the centuries, the Ihya has been regarded as the greatest compendium of Islamic spirituality and ethical behavior for everyday life. It lays down practical teachings and explains how the outer aspects of Islam can, through their inner spiritually transformative meanings, change every situation into one which strengthens the innate human nobility of character. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace & Blessings Upon Him) said, “I was only sent to perfect good character”.

It is hoped that in time, this will balance, direct and rich and enliven our Muslim children. Imam Al Ghazali wrote regarding the purification of both the outward and the inward, that one should know with certitude that the purification of the heart comes through eradicating the soul of its vices and reforming it with virtue and that a person who stops at outward purification alone, is like someone who wants to invite a king to his home then busies himself for decorating its front door while leaving the inside full of rubbish and debris.

The aim of the project is to establish from the outside of a child's life, reflects habits such as humility, patients, love, altruism gentleness, forbearance and respect for others, while providing children with real and effective tools to address such failings as selfishness, backbiting, arguing, laziness, envy, bragging, hypocrisy, greed, wasting time and pride. This project will satisfy a need for authentic quality guidance for children at a time when their values are being formed, children need to be raised spiritual beings who are self-observant and self-correcting, we've seen how children are drawn to spiritual truths.

How will the Children be taught?
Children will easily recognize and understand the truths of each teaching from Imam al-Ghazali. What is of utmost importance is that these lessons are reinforced by actually being practiced on a regular basis. In life, what we do over and over again quickly becomes a habit and the way we naturally do something. In this curriculum, we present traditional teaching methods such as review questions, crafts, and songs, but we also introduce a new method of play-learning in the spirit of prophetic instructions to let children play. Playing games and play-acting virtuous qualities is a fun and effective way for children to change their reflex reactions through repetition and allow those virtuous qualities to become second nature. 


Registration Details

Limited Spaces | Minimum Number of Registrations Required So Register Early Otherwise Course May Not Take Place | Registraton Mandatory
Open to Children 6-11(Boys & Girls)

Cost: £120 (3 Semesters) or £45 per Semester (10 Week each Semester) | Siblings Discount Available

When & Where

Starting: Sunday 2nd Feb 2020
10:30AM - 12:00PM
Venue: Norbury Hall, Barnsley Road, Sheffield, S4 7AD

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Email Us : info@saalik.org
Or Contact us on : 07852520521
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